Sailor’s Mail SWAK

                 Sailor’s Mail S.W.A.K. is an inspiring testament to the power of love and one man’s unparalleled determination to get back home to his beautiful wife–the love of his life.

"Sailors Mail S.W.A.K."  Front Book Cover

Sixty-three years after Homer Norris served in the United States Navy, his daughter discovered an old family trunk filled with memorabilia from the 1940′s, and was able to skillfully recreate her parents’ World War II journey.

Sailor’s Mail S.W.A.K. tells the love story of Homer and Ruth Norris by weaving together their wartime letters, diaries, telegrams, greeting cards, and photographs from the Pacific Islands.

By sharing her parents’ memories author Marsha Norris Knudsen has become a self-proclaimed Keeper of Memories.  She now brings history to life through programs that teach others how to find information on a veteran’s military service and safeguard their photographs and letters, thus creating a legacy for future generations.

Contact Marsha to buy Sailor’s Mail or to schedule a program for your club or civic organization.

[Historical non-fiction, Paperback: 326 pages, Publisher: Compass Flower Press, $25 each, free shipping]











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