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Picture of the cover of Sailor's Mail SWAK

Sailor’s Mail isn’t just a war story, it’s a LOVE story.

Sailor’s Mail S.W.A.K. tells the true story of newlyweds Homer and Ruth Norris whose lives are abruptly changed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Homer must give up his dream of farming and go to war. Ruth is forced to take a job and move into a tiny apartment–miles from her family.

Her diary and scrapbooks reveal day-to-day activities on the home front and expose a young wife’s fear that her husband might never come home from the war. His letters (many of them sealed with a kiss) vividly depict the honest emotions of a wartime sailor who battles fear, homesickness, boredom, and physical demands while never losing his sense of humor.

Within the pages of this historical biography you will:

  • Hear how Homer and Ruth devised a secret code to bypass military censorship
  • Appreciate Homer’s inventive ways to make a little money on the side
  • Learn about the Navy’s island-hopping strategy for conquering the Pacific Islands
  • Journey with Homer as he develops friendships with island natives
  • Witness Homer’s emotions when he writes in one of his letters, “All I want is for this war to end so I can come home to my wife and live and raise a family.”

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[Historical non-fiction, paperback, 326 pages, publisher: Compass Flower Press]

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